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1,000+ member organization

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$1.5 billion combined annual MRO purchasing 

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Unmatched rates and terms in agreements 

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On-going spend analytics and value-mining   

With inflation and supply chain shortages causing rates to increase, it is becoming even more critical for enterprise organizations to get the best rates on MRO and packaging supplies. Fortunately, there is a simple way Prometheus customers can start realizing savings of 15-25% on procurement at no additional cost by leveraging Procure Analytics' group purchasing power. 

Procure Analytics Program Details

  • Free membership for Prometheus Customers

  • Non-binding memberships 

  • No minimum spend required  

  • No major change to billing and procurement 

  • Continue relationships with preferred suppliers

  • Real-time reporting and ongoing spend analysis


Gain access to savings in the following MRO areas:

  • General Industrial  
  • Specialty MRO (PT/ Bearings)  
  • Diversity Solutions  
  • Rental Cars 
  • Safety/ PPE  
  • Pipe Valves & Fittings/ Flow Control  
  • Fleet Maintenance  
  • Lab Supplies 
  • San-Jan/ Workplace  
  • Electrical & Comm Data 
  • Uniforms & First Aid 
  • Intl Small Parcel  
  • OEM Fasteners  


Procure Analytics serves as a strategic partner for:

  • Strategic Sourcing  
  • Pallets  
  • Packaging Engineering   
  • Packaging  


Procure Analytics works with C.H. Robinson for leveraged 3PL, wich is ideal for lanes with inconsistent volumes, spot moves, or out of network freight.

Procure also offers custom lane sourcing solutions direct to carriers with the option to mix in 3PL support where needed​. 


Tail Spend

Procure Analytics offers Amicus, a full-service compliance and tail spend sourcing solution for MRO and general supplies​.

Procure also partners with The Home Depot ProXtra. 


How To Start Saving on MRO Spend

1. Introduction – Understanding goals and scoping requirements 

2. Evaluation – Our team analyzes your current spend and demonstrates savings at SKU-level 

3. Implementation – Affiliate agreements and member-unique requirements and roll out plan 

4. Value Creation and Reporting – Industry leading dashboard reporting and spend analysis 

What customers are saying

White Quote Mark
Greg Beutler
Operating Partner

"PA delivers continuous year-over-year value and savings to more than 90 of our portfolio and investment companies with unprecedented customer service, world-class reporting, and the full suite of value-added vendor services. Their hands-on approach to the complex and normally fragmented MRO space is terrific."

White Quote Mark
Meghan Truchan
VP, Head of Procurement

"PA's expertise in packaging (sourcing and engineering), benchmarks, and project management skills bring quick and ongoing value; we've been seeing 8-16% savings on our portfolio company packaging projects."

White Quote Mark
Patrick Tighe
Baker Hughes
Commodity Leader

"Procure Analytics is the third arm of our Commodity Organization, providing advanced analytics, critical and timely savings opportunities and insight into the cutting edge of MRO opportunities."

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Procure Analytic's reporting look like and how detailed is it?

Procure Analytics (PA) provides two options for reporting: standard and custom. In the standard reporting view, PA members gain access to full item details, such as SKU, type of product (e.g. safety product), item (e.g. glove), type of item (e.g. aluminized glove). They will also be able to see full item descriptions, unit of measure, price, and the date they purchased it.

Through the tool, members can see what the organization as whole or a specific site is buying (the categories, the SKUs, etc), what they spent last year, how much they are utilizing the PA core list (where they can get maximum savings), and more. 

What happens if I have an existing agreement in place with a Procure Analytics supplier?

If you already have an existing relationship with a supplier, you can keep your existing contract with the supplier and even keep your relationship with your regional or national representative, but gain a better rate on supplies through that supplier with Procure Analytics' leveraged spend. 

Procure Analytics like to think of the relationship between companies, Procure Analytics, and suppliers as a three win scenario. Suppliers partner with Procure Analytics because while they are provided reduced rates, Procure Analytics is driving additional business their way. 

If Procure Analytics is offering this membership to us for free, how do they get paid?

Procure Analytics is entirely supplier funded and get a small fixed admin fee from suppliers for all spend that flows through the program. However, this does not affect any of the prices for materials that you pay as a member. The price you see in your system is the price you will pay. 

Evaluation Resources


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