CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) serves all industries and facilities that need to track maintenance work regardless of size or complexity. CMMS is fully scalable from a single site to global roll-out and ensures secure standardization and efficiency across all locations.

Activity and risk across the organization can be seen and managed in real-time from any location, for any site. This industry-leading maintenance management system offers total flexibility by implementing exactly what you need in a future-proof Control of Work solution.  

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Work Management

Gain more visibility into your work order management process through customized maintenance management reports. Each report captures data from the platform, such as from our Planning & Scheduling solution, to provide actionable insights to improve your maintenance processes and workflows.

  • Manage work orders and work history
  • Access work order modules
  • Review time sheets and time sheet history
  • Review work specifications and tools required
  • Test equipment and view support Items
  • Gain access to workshops
  • View Logbook and shift handover log
  • Access shift, register, incident, and general log entries
  • View preventative maintenance tasks
  • Check preventative maintenance modules and PM type
  • Review concessions
Prometheus CMMS Work Management Interface

Equipment Support

Manage asset registration, integrity, and performance. Access integrated multi-location spares and material control. Manage warranties, asset lifecycle, contracts, services, and resources.

  • Check equipment locations and equipment type
  • View asset equipment and plant equipment
  • Review asset logs, documents, and drawings
  • Review equipment OOS logs and monitor events
  • Access calibration results and calibration point templates
  • View inspection log and inspection points
  • Check modification statement and modification implementation
Prometheus CMMS Equipment Support Interface

People Management

With CMMS, the ability to easily manage your workforce of internal and external contractors is at your disposal. It helps you assign roles, keep track of skills, and have an account of who is trained for specific tasks.

  • View address books and business units
  • Check people, roles, skills, and skills achieved
  • Manage work groups and work teams
  • View contractor companies and field service workers
  • Manage work control, contract, and schedules
Prometheus CMMS People Management Interface

Inventory Management

Manage your stock from the requisition phase to usage, while providing access to multiple storerooms and representation of where inventory is stored. Simplify the visibility of inventory levels when reordering is necessary.

  • Review stock type, stock Inventory, and stock bin quantity
  • Check depot, vendors, and vendor appraisals
  • View stock kit and stock supplier
  • Manage stock transactions and stock allocations
  • Review stock loan log, stock take, and stock take history
  • Manage requisitions and requisition groups
Prometheus CMMS Finance Interface


Gain visibility into historical records on supplies and materials, while working through the purchasing process. Actively manage invoices along with purchase orders. Easily integrate with your third-party financial accounting systems.

  • View requisitions and requisition group history
  • Check tender history and tender history lines
  • Manage purchase order history and purchase order lines history
  • Review invoice history and invoice line history
Prometheus CMMS Finance Interface


Manage your finance information, from cost codes to budget history. View historical information to make informed decisions about your maintenance budget and processes. Easily set budget restrictions per role.

  • Manage cost codes and purchase approval limits
  • View budget, budget instance, and budget history
  • Review exchange rates and exchange rate history
Prometheus CMMS Finance Interface


Incident Management

Incident Management

Capture, manage and investigate incidents at the operational level from any location.

Interactive P&ID

Interactive P&ID

Import your own P&ID files to create interactive isolation plans by adding actions, rules, and isolation points.

Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management

Plan and execute work, contracts, inventory, procurement, and more.

Control of Work

Control of Work

Manage risk assessments, permits to work, isolations, LOTO, and more.

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Process Safety

Reinforce compliance with audits, skills & competence, P&ID Isolation templates, and more.

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Process Safety Management

Specify and design functional safety systems.

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Smart Log

Overcome the challenges of paper-based logs and spreadsheets with a configurable digital logbook system for shift handover, incidents, rounds, and more. Connect information from different sources to a central location, enabling real-time event visibility across your organization.

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Management of Change

Create MoC records, control records processes, and manage the changes with complete visibility every step of the way.


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