What is Being Added to the Prometheus Platform in 2022

Whether you are a current user of the Prometheus Platform or are looking into using our products, your number one question is probably, “What is coming next for the Prometheus Platform?”

As a company who puts our clients at the forefront of our product enhancement decisions, we love this question. Recently, we identified that some of our customers had a need for detailed capital project management software.  

To address this, we examined our current offerings to see if there was something we could do to meet those needs. That’s when we met Lucy – LUCY IMS, to be more specific.  

LUCY IMS’ offerings fit perfectly with the Prometheus Platform, which is why we decided to acquire them and merge their products Co-Console, Doc-Console, and Weld-Console with our suite of enterprise asset management (EAM) software.  

Continue reading to learn more about how these products will help us better serve you and your capital project planning needs.

Why Capital Project Management Software is a Priority  

Being in a plant that has many moving parts (literally and figuratively), you know that it is tough to do a project or job without it affecting something else. That is why efficiency in planning and execution is critical.  

If you are producing products, you usually can’t maintain the machines that make those products at the same time. If you are servicing the machines, you can't make the product. The same goes for capital projects.  

To ensure we are on the same page, the type of capital projects we are talking about are generally large capital-intensive projects that center around modifying or adding to a part of your current infrastructure (buildings, facilities, machines, pipelines, land, railways, etc.).  

Capital projects require detailed planning and require even more detailed planning if they will directly impact a part of your facility or land that is actively contributing to your product or service.  

That’s where our new capital project management tools come into play.  

Co-Console to Help You With Your Construction Projects

Large construction projects have many stakeholders and critical stages that need to be managed properly. With Co-Console, you can work online or offline to:  

Prepare and Validate Design Data

Construction projects all have engineering data as input (asset list, construction drawings, vendor documents, etc.) to construction execution. Co-Console helps to connect engineering design detail into the construction process, to facilitate field execution. For example, a constructor may need to verify that they are using the latest documentation for their construction project. Co-console helps to ensure that you have all of this in hand at the time of equipment installation, concrete pour, etc.  

Measure Construction Progress

Construction progress is normally marked by completion of inspection and test records (sometimes referred to as ITRs or check sheets). Co-Console tracks these and can easily report their completion. Additionally, jurisdictional handover of scope from one party to another (from construction sub-contractor to owner/operator’s commissioning team) is also tracked in Co-Console through handling of signed jurisdictional certificates (also called handover letters).

Perform Inspections

Co-Console allows you to perform inspections on paper or through your digital device. If your project is using paper, Co-Console can print ITRs and administrate them once they are completed in the field. Now that digital devices are available for inspection, most constructors/owners will use tablets to record inspection data in an ITR using Co-Console's inspection app.  

Perform Punch Outs and Acceptance

Before jurisdictional handover, both parties (contractor and owner) will jointly inspect part of the project and generate a list of deficiencies (called a punch list) that is tracked in Co-Console. Tracking these is crucial to ensuring the project is completed to the owner’s satisfaction.

Perform Commissioning

Handling commissioning for an entire plant system can be extremely complicated. Co-Console makes it easy to track your commissioning to completion, straight from your digital device.  

The system is designed to allow you to monitor real-time progress, certification status, and contractual requirements so that you can control the safety and completion of your projects.

Doc-Console to Provide Documentation and Design Support for Co-Console

Automate your project site with Doc-Console, which integrates with virtually any document management system (DMS). Our system allows you to:

Mark-up and Edit Commissioning System Boundaries

With Doc-Console, you can draw boundaries on a drawing to automatically include plant assets into that commissioning system. Without a system like Doc-Console, this is usually done with paper printouts and highlighters, which is very time consuming to manage when revisions to systems or drawings come out. Managing this digitally ensures that everyone is using the most up-to-date boundaries for the commissioning system.

Create Hydro Packages

Just as you can create commissioning system boundaries, you can create packages within Doc-Console for piping hydrostatic testing too. This is most applicable during the construction phase and will generally be performed by a subcontractor.  

Compile Inspection and Test Packages Automatically

Once boundaries are drawn, you can generate a full package of relevant documents with the click of a button in Doc-Console. It can also be automatically included as part of a digital inspection on your mobile device when you are using the inspection app.

Identify Discrepancies Between Drawings and Design Data

Doc-Console uses embedded text to identify assets on drawings. Since engineering data lists and drawings don’t always match, Doc-Console helps you do a back-check to make sure they are in line, or helps you figure out which one needs correcting.

Create Tag-Document Relationships

Within Doc-Console, you can link a document to an asset. This allows you to provide additional information for the drawing or anything related to the asset.

View Documents by Tag, Sub-System, and Milestone

Since documents are linked to assets, and assets are linked to other tags, milestones, etc. in Co-Console, it forms a natural chain of information users can use to complete their projects.

We have seen our users save 95% of time managing documentation for their sites by using Doc-Console for their document management. The system is set up to help you locate issues or differences between your project documents and your engineering data.  

Weld-Console to Assist With Your Welding Projects

Precise welding and fabrication are the backbones of any structure. Installation technical integrity is key to building safe plants, since there is always risk involved in building and operating a processing industrial facility in the fields of Oil & Gas, Chemical, Power, and other disciplines.  

Welding plays a very big role in this integrity. This is why Weld-Console was developed for piping welding, structural welding, and (piping) flange management.  

Weld-Console helps you manage each stage of your welding project by enabling you to:  

  • Import data (isometrics for piping, structural drawings for structural welds)
  • Automatically apply WPSs (Welding Procedure Specifications) to welds
  • Automatically apply NDE (Non-Destructive Examination) to welds
  • Automatically apply PWHT (Post-Weld Heat Treatment) to welds
  • Automatically apply Torque & Tensioning values to Flange connections
  • Create weld mappings  
  • Manage tasks  
  • Check qualifications and requirements
  • Manage Welder Qualifications
  • Review work instructions  
  • Use the Weld-Console app to report (Piping) progress on welds and flanges
  • Use the Weld-Console Windows version to report progress on everything
  • Use the DWR (Daily Welding Report) to report progress using Excel files
  • Get immediate feedback if on potential issues when reporting progress (but the process is not stopped)
  • Build database queries
  • Build reports  
  • Automatically distribute reports  
  • Automatically assign tracer welds by lot management
  • Execute handover reports easily
  • Report progress and KPIs

If your welding project is mismanaged, your whole project can come crashing down, literally. Weld-Console helps you avoid that by actively preventing mistakes from happening and ensuring each stage is properly documented and managed to follow regulations and requirements.  

Since Weld-Console is capable of assigning actions around welds automatically, not only will the level of accuracy rise, but the number of hours associated with these activities can be lowered substantially. Weld-Console can produce reports in the way you want them to be presented, allowing you to see what is already done, what needs to be done, and what your progress percentage is.  

Your welding project will be in control.

Take Control of Your Capital Projects With The Prometheus Platform

Co-Console, Weld-Console, and Doc-Console complement the functionality of our STO (shutdown, turnaround, and outage) tools, to provide you with full project management control.  

You can use them to easily eliminate concerns when money and safety are on the line with your capital-intensive project.  

To learn more about managing successful STOs and capital projects, read our blog “Five Tips for Executing a Successful Shutdown, Turnaround, or Outage.”  

If you would like to speak to us directly about how we can help you manage your capital projects with ease, reach out to us today.  

To find out more about our new capital project management tools, sign up for our Capital Project Management webinar on August 4th!