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Latest Posts

Insights from the Virtual User Conference: Master Data as a Service

We’ve compiled a list of our most commonly asked Master Data as a Service questions submitted by virtual user conference participants.

Insights from the Virtual User Conference: Prometheus eLearning

During this year’s virtual conference, we unveiled our new eLearning platform—Prometheus eLearning.

Prometheus Group Announces Acquisition of VIZIYA From Quarterhill Inc.

Prometheus Group announces that it has acquired VIZIYA a developer of enterprise asset management software, from Quarterhill Inc.

Using Asset Risk Analysis to Develop and Continuously Improve Your Maintenance Strategy

Dr. Phil Catt focuses on two steps that are essential for designing and improving an effective maintenance strategy: Criticality and Vulnerability Analysis

What's Your Maintenance Mindset? Four Best Practices Schedulers Should Follow When Creating a Maintenance Schedule

Here are four best practices that schedulers can use to improve coordination and boost productivity in their organization.

Prometheus Group Acquires Enterprise Workforce Management Provider WorkTech

Prometheus Group announces the acquisition of WorkTech, a US-headquartered provider of contractor management and productivity solutions software.

Global Industrial Gas Company Teamed Up With Prometheus Group to Solve their Mobility Challenges

See how Messer used Prometheus Mobility to maintain its ERP as a single source of truth, improve its data accuracy and integrity, and minimize paper usage.

Mastering Planning and Scheduling: 9 KPIs Every Planner and Scheduler Should Be Tracking in Maximo

Capturing these nine metrics are the foundation for analyzing the effectiveness of your planning and scheduling process.

Prometheus Group Launches Master Data as a Service

Prometheus Group, a leading global provider of asset management operations and optimization software, today announced Master Data as a Service.

Are You Using the Best Software Integration Solution for Your ERP/CMMS Software?

When integrating software it’s important to have experience with various APIs, support dynamic field mapping, and leverage notification/feedback functions.

How “Smart” Is Your Organization When It Comes to Implementing New Technology?

Smart assets are only a small part of the smart manufacturing movement. The focus should really be implementing a strategy to best leverage the technology.

Throwback: Revisiting Past Prometheus Group User Conferences

Follow along as we journey through past conferences and catch a sneak peek of what to expect from this year's event.

Transforming Master Data Management Through a Data as a Service Model

Prometheus Group unveils new plan to offer master data management though a data as a service model.

3 Pitfalls to Watch Out for When Planning and Executing Your STO

Here are three common STO pitfalls and a few ways using a centralized digital system can help you avoid them.

Centralized or Decentralized Maintenance Scheduling: Which One Is Right for You?

Is it best to use a centralized scheduling strategy with only one scheduler or to decentralize your facility to let multiple schedulers?